This fun page is designed to bring you some of the hobbies that I’ve developed over the years. 

Of course, chief among them is writing, but with that also comes reading, so I will show you some of what I am reading, have read, or recommend! 

There are others as well, such as my newest favorite: sewing! I never knew that you could make so much with simple fabric and a sewing machine. But, after being unable to find the types of pillow cases that I wanted, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and well, it took on a life of it’s own. 


One of my newest obsessions! I have to say, I never realized the enormous amount of things that you could make, and they’re all personalized in some way. 

Below is a picture of one of the first bags that I made for myself. I will provide a link to the pattern that I found online. It was super easy and I plan on making more in different colors! Maybe even make them for friends and family!

Click here for the pattern!

Below is the newest bag that I attempted and I have to say it has become a favorite of mine. It can be any size that you want it to, but for me it’s perfect for two books and some pens or highlighters. I love it as an on the go bag for books, or even just to keep the books I’m currently reading in one handy spot.

I used a Harry Potter fabric that is becoming rather hard to find, but I am in love with it and cannot wait to make plenty more!

Click here for the pattern!

A duffel bag was the newest addition to my repertoire this week. I will most likely be making a second one of these for my second boy. Clearly, the youngest isn’t going to care much right now, but the with older boys in sports and on the go most of the time, this will be a good addition.

If you think about making one of these, the only recommendation I would make is to think about who will be using this bag primarily. Are you going to be carrying your kids thing, or are you expecting them to carry them? If you plan on allowing them to do some of the heavy lifting, I say make the straps a little shorter. I made them the specified range, and though I think the bag is great for me or my husband, it would reach the floor if my son would try and carry it. 


Click here for the pattern.

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