I’m sure as you explored the site, you decided it was best to get to know me a little, and you are right! So here it is…

I am a Mom of three boys, (You read that right, three!), who works full-time and writes on a part-time basis. This usually means that I am up all hours of the night finding new things to write about or explore. Our family lives in the suburbs of Chicago, which means that during the wintertime we go stir crazy, and during the summer, we’re never home as we try to soak in as much sun as possible. 

Besides that, I hold two Master’s Degrees since I could not make up my mind what I wanted to be when I grew up. In some way, I still haven’t, but I am 100% sure I love my boys and I love writing, and this is a great way to combine them both. 

Aside from the obvious topic of family, you will also get a chance to learn about some hobbies I’ve taken up throughout my life which I hope you will be find interesting. 

If you had a chance to see the pictures above, I bet some of them stood out as part of the VS Cancer Foundation. After our first son was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 10 months old, we have been involved in raising money for pediatric brain tumor (or cancer) research. We consider ourselves very lucky in the outcome that we had with our son’s surgery, but we know that some are not as lucky. The video on the left does a better job of explaining if, but I will paste it below.

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