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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2020


2020 proved to be a challenging year, but it’s almost at the end! With Thanksgiving around the corner and with it Black Friday, the idea of finding the perfect Christmas gift comes to mind. The sheer amount of options you can find online is overwhelming! 

I hope the list of ideas will help narrow down the search and eliminate a potential headache!


Sounds a little anticlimactic, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Books provide a great source of entertainment and learning experiences. Today’s world provides you with the option of subscribing for book delivery, instead of venturing out of your home. Give your child the perfect Christmas gift of a monthly package they’ll be excited to open. You can find the perfect subscription here.

If you’d like to make the purchase one by one on your own, the Times put together a great list of 100 books!


Depending on your comfort level, you could opt-out for board games you haven’t tried yet or video games. When chosen wisely, a game is the best Christmas gift for your children and family, bringing everyone closer together. Some board games to consider:

Of course, video games are a great alternative as well, with some of the regular board games available electronically. But, you can find some of these family friendly games for your children to play:

Most of these are also available through other platforms such as Xbox. 

Building Blocks as a Christmas Gift

A universal Christmas gift that comes in all shapes and sizes are building blocks! With so many brands to choose from, there is bound to be one for everyone, boys and girls alike. There are even advent calendars made from building blocks, the ideal way to count down to Christmas. 

From wooden to plastic, Mega Bloks to LEGO, there is plenty to choose from. Kids can either use their imagination from classic boxes of building blocks to building different kits. LEGO has kits available ranging from Harry Potter or Star Wars to Ninjago and Friends.

Personalized Christmas Gift

A personalized Christmas gift may require some more thought, but will that much more special. You can look into personalized home decorations such as their very own blankets, pillows, or wall decor. A great idea is a personalized Christmas gift where they feature as the protagonist of the story. Even personalized jewelry becomes a great Christmas gift. 


STEM kits are a great introduction to all things science and math. From robotics to making volcanos, there is a kit out there for everyone. Whether you have a child who is interested in engineering or space, there is a way to get them more hands-on experience. Take a look at some of the kits available out there!

Christmas Is Coming...

Christmas is coming and with it the giving spirit. Don’t worry about finding the perfect Christmas gift, but rather, something that will make your child smile. 

Important Disclaimers : 

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