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The Triple Bunk


The Boxes

The Triple Bunk Bed. Not long ago, I didn’t know such a thing even existed. It never crossed my wildest dreams that someone would come up with such a contraption. But a friend pointed me in the right direction, and boy was I surprised!

I’d found so many different kinds, in so many different shapes, and so many different materials. There were some that had two beds at the bottom and one at the top connecting them. Some had the middle bed going in another direction, making it the letter “L” perfectly fit for a corner in a room. 

After reviewing quite the selection, I finally settled on a triple bunk that was twin over twin, reminiscent of a tower. A tall grey tower, that I had to put together myself. Of course, the moment I made that purchase, I bought everything else that would be needed: three mattresses, mattress covers, fitted sheets, comforters, etc. Over an entire week and a half, each item came in separately on separate days. 

The last item to be delivered was the actual bed for which I was thankful. It meant I had the time to prepare everything else and focus on the bed the moment that it came in. 

The bed was split between two boxes, one of which weighed in at around 99 pounds and the other at 66 pounds. Even the UPS driver wanted nothing to do with them, having dropped them off at the front door, he rang the bell and ran. 

Normally, our two oldest want to hold the door for any box that is dropped off, but this time they were nowhere to be found. With my help, my husband managed to pull both boxes inside, but not before our oldest mentioned how weak he was, with the tiniest smirk on his face!  To show him what it felt like, he let him “hold” the second – the lightest – of the boxes at which point our son promptly changed his mind. 


Before getting down to the really fun part, I had to empty and already cluttered room and take apart the beds that were there. I use the word “fun” here lightly, as it caused our oldest to cry! Who knew that a boy could get so sentimental about his bed. But he was getting too long for it anyway, so it was definitely time.

Once the beds and the toys lining the room were removed, I was able to haul in the first box, which proved to be more difficult than I assumed it would be. For some weird reason, I didn’t truly understand how heavy 100 pounds would be and it hit me square in the left thigh. I am now sporting a three inch bruise.

But I was finally able to get the box on the floor and opened, spilling its contents. 

First thing I found was the manual to put the thing together, which looked more like a regular sized novel rather than a manual. As its size indicated, it was pretty thorough for which I was very thankful. 

I began putting it together thinking that I would complete the bottom one first, then the top, and then I would put together the remaining box with the third bed. 

Needless to say, it became a pretty lengthy process. By the time I put together the two beds that were included in the first box, I came to a scary realization. 

Due to the sheer size, I was not surprised to find that the bed is sent in two separate boxes. What I hadn’t realized, however, is that the first box would be a regular bunk bed with two twin beds, and if someone orders the triple bunk bed, the second box has the extra bed. The extra bed is the one that goes in the middle. So, after at least two hours of work, with a bruised thigh and thumb from the gosh-darn little screwdriver thing they give you, I realized I’d put it together in the wrong order. 

I pretty much cornered myself in the room with two full beds I couldn’t do anything with yet. After playing a bit of Tetris in a kids room, I moved the top of the bunk to the side and brought in the second box. This time, I asked for help and decided to spare my other thigh the possible pain. 

Project Complete

The end result was amazing and well worth the hours of work despite the bruise on my thigh, my forehead (don’t ask) and my thumb.

 Their room is now completely transformed with a lot more room to spare for playing. They love to hang out together on the middle bunk where they get a great view of the TV. 

Though it’s well worth it for someone who has limited space, I definitely recommend two people putting it together! 

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