Boys Will Be Boys?


We are all familiar with the saying “boys will be boys” or some variation of it. As I began to think about writing this post, I realized that the saying was originally “Children (boys) are children (boys) and do childish things.” Which, when we think about it further, isn’t that hurtful of a saying, but as it was passed down from generation to generation, it became the stigmatic “boys will be boys”. 

“Boys will be boys…”

Now, it’s used as an explanation for when boys do something that can only be described as bad – but not THAT bad. Something like, getting blue paint on the carpet (like today, grrr), or breaking something. We use that as an explanation for the reason why boys act the way they do. The problem with that as a way to explain things is that it takes the blame off them. 

But – though I agree with the problem of the saying – there is a time when it can only be used when it comes to boys. “Children will be children” won’t have the same weight it does. 

The story starts with what may not have been the best parenting decision in my lifetime. You’d think having three kids, all of them boys, I would have learned my lesson already, but I guess that didn’t happen. A couple of months ago, as per the request of my middle who had been begging for some time, I was on the hunt for binoculars. In my pursuit of the strange request, I found myself walking up and down the aisles of Menards. Funny enough, they had a large selection of toys, which surprised me to no end. But no binoculars in sight. Instead, I found these really cool, comparatively small, Nerf Guns. 

Now, if you’re a parent, most likely you’re thinking “she must be nuts! There’s no such thing as a small Nerf Gun!” Let me tell you…you would be correct! But, I did not realize it at the time. As this was the first time I was making such a purchase, I plead complete ignorance about any such toys. 

The boys loved them! Of course! For some time, they played with them nicely, shooting imaginary bad guys in the corners of their room. As time went by, their play turned weird, so the guns would get taken away, then brought back out. 

I knew that those things should have just been put away for good the last time they were taken away, but against my better judgement they came back out. 

Just this week, as we sat in the living room and our middle child was playing in their bedroom, we heard screams. And I mean, gut wrenching screams that no parent wants to hear. Unsure what to do first, I held our youngest as my husband went to investigate. As funny as it is, my middle son has the tendency to “run off” any injury, so you can imagine how hard it was to find out what was wrong as he ran from room to room. In the end, my husband was finally able to tell me what happened.

When he went to investigate, our boy decided that it was a good idea to try and do something with the gun and his willy. Now, we’re still not quite sure what that something is, but what we do know is that he pulled back on the gun, and as he pressed it it caught him and pinched his penis and scrotum. 

This is where I say again, “boys will be boys” because only boys can do something so silly!

Needless to say, he learned his lesson and we figured out why those are not good toys for someone his age. We also learned that boys will take their netherregions and shove them into weird places that make no sense. Even he could not explain to us what he was trying to do.

So I would say, let this serve as a warning, a lesson to be learned from us. Thankfully, he was not really hurt apart from the sink being broken in two places, but it could have turned out much worse. If you think to yourself “my kid would never…” usually, it’s the one thing they come up with…

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