Family Self Isolation

Our New Normal

Only a month ago, if someone told me that it would be hard to purchase toilet paper, I would not have believed them. If someone had mentioned that I would be working from home full-time while attempting to figure out a way to homeschool my preschool age child, I would not have believed them.

Unfortunately, for now this is our new normal. I am also aware that our new normal is not as drastically different as it is for many others who may have found themselves displaced from work, facing the hardest time of their lives.

“Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Due to the nature of my day time job, I am still working, albeit, at home, something that I have already been used to doing a couple of days out of the week. So, like I said, not much changed for us, except the fact that we are all stuck with each other 24/7. 

Normally, our oldest goes to preschool for a couple of hours a day and then, him and our middle son, have other extra activities throughout the week that ensure adequate time out of the home and away from each other. They learn new things, we get a break; that’s the trade off. 

That trade off is gone and we are all feeling it. The kids are fighting and I’m proud (read: anxious, biting nails to the quick, ready to join him) to say that our youngest has learned the “temper tantrum”. AT ONE! One years old! 

(Please wait while I go and bang my head on the floor right along with him).

To give a bigger backstory – our oldest who is going to be five in July, had a brain tumor when he was ten months old (as mentioned in other posts/pages) which impacted the way that his brain thinks. This is something that we lost sleep over as we took him for testing so that we can do as much as possible for him, to help him strive and grow. We received a diagnosis which puts us with a speech delay (something we were aware of) and symptoms of ADHD. I don’t want to get into the thick of the explanation in this post, as that is not completely relevant, but only to say that structure is what helps the most. The structure of each day is what is broken. We thought we were on the right track to helping him cope, and found ourselves completely at a loss, barely keeping head above water. 

 So,  this is our new normal in a nutshell. Though I tip my invisible hat to all those people on the front lines of this pandemic, I do to the parents as well. To all those who are stuck at home, working or otherwise, with kids who have had their routine broken. Who would do anything to say hi to their teacher and their friends. To all those parents who see tears in the eyes of their littles when they hear something had been cancelled, of listening to their teacher saying via e-learning that she misses them and hopes to see them soon!

Meanwhile, as we continue to wait out the worst part of the storm sheltered away in the house, we strive to find something to do with the kids so that we all don’t lose our minds. Trust me, we are close.

1. Workbooks for preschool and kindergarten age kids (We have a 3 and almost 5 year old)

2. Ordered a butterfly growing kit! This is something that I will also post to the front page so that we can all go through the process together!

3. Lots of coloring and painting.

4. We have busted out the dreaded video games, so long as they are played together and at a reasonable time.

5. Watching videos posted by museums and zoo’s in the hopes of feeling like we are truly there.

6. Weather permitting, playing in the backyard (baseball, sandbox, splash pad) or going for a walk.

7. We called to find out that forest preserves are still allowed so long as we only stay in our family unit and we plan on going there as soon as the weather is nice enough!

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