Happy Birthday Little Man

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Alex!! Happy Birthday to you!”

Two days ago my youngest baby boy turned one years old. And though I told myself that I wouldn’t be upset about that, it’s hard not to be in some way. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am so happy to watch him grow and thrive. Though he’s not walking (lazy bones), he suddenly has five total teeth and is well on his way to eating regular food. For instance, today at dinner, he wanted chicken with fries! 

But, my little baby is growing up now, and I no longer have any babies in the house. They are all growing up, with my oldest, almost five years old, talking to his friends on FaceTime.

Since our world is so upside-down right now, we “hosted” his party via the internet, inviting all of our friends and family to join us on a web chat. Though it wasn’t the party I envisioned for him, we made the best of it. Last minute, my older boys helped with baking a cake and setting up the candles, which they were so excited to help blow out for their little brother. Thankfully, he won’t remember that he only had a virtual party, instead of one in person and we will have some stories to tell him when he’s older.

In the mean time, while I watch him grow and try to catch up to his brothers, I will continue to cherish the little baby moments that I get from him. We made it to a year breastfeeding, which I will honestly say I didn’t think would happen, but it did and we both love it. I love giving him the comfort that he needs while he gives me the glimpses of my last little baby.

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