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Oh! What a Line!

I’m sure the title had you wondering what I would talk about in this post. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I want to take the time to make this post in the spirit of friendship and of love. In this instance, at least in the sense of “love thy neighbor,” which can be taken quite literally.

My oldest son is currently in his sixth month of preschool, and I have to admit that it has been a whirlwind of a ride. The beginning presented a new set of challenges usually revolving around attempting to get my son to wake up, get washed, fed, dressed, and out the door by a specific time each day. For four years of his life, his morning routine consisted of laziness or playing with his brother, so this was something completely new.

Once a routine had been established, our next problem was his inability to leave the house without everything he owned. Or I should say, without every plush toy he owned. That was something we ran into over the summer, but foolishly hoped would set itself right by the time he started classes. Needless to say, it was painful, but we made it through to the other side.

Six months it took to train not only our son but ourselves as well, to get up and at ’em, to seize the day without starting a fight. At that time, we also trained our middle son, who looks forward to dropping his brother off at school. At least getting him to school at the end of the year will be a breeze!

While our self-training was taking place at home, the school was also attempting its own sort of training. Email after email came through concerning the drop-off of students in the morning. You see, my son goes to the early morning preschool session, which starts at 8 am. This means that parents have the obligation of getting their children there on time, something the school has made as easy as possible by opening the doors at 7:30 am.

Unfortunately, parents have proven to be harder to train than the average preschooler.

Even before school started, many emails went out to the parents concerning the appropriate way to get to school without causing undue hardship or accidents. The preschool is located on a street that has two dead-ends minimizing the amount of thru traffic. Parents have been made aware, more times than I care to count, to line up beginning all the way at the end, not to cut through any of the other side streets leading up to the school.

What do we find? Car after car, parent after parent, cutting through. Some have even caused buses to run late since the street they mostly cut through, is the one the buses were designated to use. Of course, as you can imagine, this causes quite a bit of confusion and frustration.

It’s understandable that we all want to get our children to school, that some of us even race off to get to jobs. But don’t we all want to do this as safely as possible? I would think no one would want to have to call the emergency services that early because someone couldn’t follow directions.

It is time to listen to directions, to show our children that we can be better. Why would our children want to listen to teachers if we cannot set that example? Wouldn’t you also want someone to think of your children and their safety as we make our way to school every day? We should all be willing to look at the bigger picture, understand that everyone has hardships in the morning, and move past them. I’ve listed some of the things that we made it through, some things are still ahead of us, but one thing is clear, I’d like to make every morning as safe as possible.

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