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I decided that this post would be more personal. Delve more into the lives of my husband, my children, and myself (of course!). To those that know us personally, it is no secret that my oldest son had a brain tumor when he was only ten months old. It is no secret as to how it was found, heck, there are whole articles written about him.

Maybe I should start with a small amount of background to get you up to speed…

When our oldest son was only ten months old, he fell off his changing table. A freak accident, the piece of furniture not at fault (nor was my husband who was changing him), but let me say I never bought another one. Though we didn’t think anything of it, truly not wanting to sound like crazy first-time overprotective parents, but soon it was noticeable that there was something wrong. Now, whether his change in behavior was a result of the tumor or the fall, we’ll never really know. In any case, off to the emergency room, we went.

Whenever someone complains about having to wait for results, I always tell them this: good results take time, bad results, happen instantly. Or almost. The wonderful doctor who took our notice of the change in our son seriously ordered a CT, which revealed a large mass in the fourth ventricle of his brain. Took them only twenty minutes to come back and turn my world upside down.

This story, as you already can assume, has a happy ending. After an MRI confirmed what the CT found, my son had surgery a short two days later, exactly on his ten-month birthday, May 19th, 2016. The longest hours of my life.

But, thanks to a wonderful new piece of technology called the BrainPath, the tumor was fully removed, and we went home a mere two days later. All he had was a small piece of tape on his head and a portion of his hair shaved. A true miracle if ever there was one, especially since the nurses were preparing us for the worst which included lots of medication and tubes in weird places.

This happy outcome is why we are thrilled to be given the opportunity to help raise awareness for pediatric brain tumors and brain cancer whenever we can. Our first stop was January 2017 when the Nico Corporation who developed the BrainPath technology asked us to come to their yearly meeting and be a real-life example of how live-saving this technology is.

We continue to find ways to raise awareness to this day and will continue to do so in the future. A week ago we met with the Lake Park High School in Roselle, IL basketball team which is made up of some wonderful young men. Men, who listened to our story and took it to heart, and raised almost $7,000 to help other kids who find themselves in such horrible circumstances.

Today, they honored my son, and us as his family, at a basketball game where they showed off just how much they earned for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Awareness Foundation. That money will be used to ensure that other kids have a chance to grow up, to thrive, to have access to such incredible technology as we did.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to all those who donated! To those who keep kids afflicted with brain tumors or brain cancer in their minds and hearts, sending prayers, and doing all they can!

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