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The Year That Is 2020

I’m sure right now many families found themselves in the same situation that we are in, namely, stuck at home with the kids. And whether your kids are homebodies or not, I think at some point they can get stir crazy.

We are making the best of this situation right now and wishing all the best for everyone! While we wait this out, I wanted to share some of the shenanigans we’ve been getting into in the hopes of brightening up your day!

Newest Addition

We did a pandemic thing! We bought a dog! 

I will not lie to you and say he’s the most precious thing to happen to this family besides our children, because I can’t. He’s a cutie, that’s for sure, but he’s a pain in the patooty! Chewing and scratching, he’s the whole puppy package!

Everyone, meet Boomer!

Past Adventures

Growing Butterflies!

As gross as this might sound, our oldest “G” randomly took a liking to a small bug that we found in the house, wanting to keep it in a container for the rest of it’s (very short!) life. This gave me an amazing spur of the moment idea!


Immediately I went online and performed a quick Google search to find said butterflies. I found a website InsectLore.com which made the purchase easy and the butterflies showed up within two days. 

My prediction came true, my older boys were so excited – the baby couldn’t care less. As instructed, we left the caterpillars as they are – in their container which contains their food and a lid for them to attach to later.

Now, we wait. 

Update: 04.20.2020 – most of our butterflies flew away! Find the video on the Butterfly page!

I will keep posting pictures into the gallery above, but for more in-depth information, join me in the butterfly tab under Hobbies.

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